2018 | gesture controlled luminaire

The Theremin is a gesture controlled LED Wall Washer. It combines three features: powerful room-filling light, maximum flexibility, and light adjustment through hand gestures. The Theremin is named after a legendary musical instrument, invented by Leon Theremin in 1919. This musical instrument translated movements of the hands around an antenna into vibrant tones. The Theremin lamp does the same with light: With the wave of a hand, the light shines wherever you direct it.

The design is simple and unobtrusive, consisting of a sleek antenna and a friendly wooden base, fitting in many styles of interiors. The Theremin's light is indirect: It washes the walls and ceiling with a powerful atmospheric warm-white light (2500 lm if you are into the metrics). Unique is that the light to the left, right and upper direction can be controlled separately. If you feel really creative, you can even create light patterns through dimming nine light segments separately. With its flexibility and gesture control, the Theremin invites you to explore and rediscover what light can do with your space.

The Theremin is brought to market by New York-based label ADS360.